This site started because I was looking for a place for Christian nonprofit employees and volunteers to come together and connect with each other.

I couldn’t find anything aside from various conferences that I could not afford to attend. So, I thought, “Well, there’s no reason I can’t start this…”

Conferences are great, but sometimes you just need a low key option that’s avilable all the time and immediately.

Sometimes when you’re working so directly for a good cause, and so much passion and drive goes into your work, it’s easy to feel like things are unraveling like an old sweater. Or, sometimes, you’re good, but you just need a little affirmation. Even still, when God is calling you to attempt something big, and you know it’s Him, but your humanness is all to evident – I hope you can come to this site and find an encouraging verse, article or prayer to help you be a better servant of God.

I also feel like, we just need a place to share praise reports of the happenings in our ministries.

And, of course, as the name indicates, a place to connect with other ministry workers. So, get to posting! Get to know eachother and be better for it.

My hope is to post useful articles, prayers, verses, book reviews, etc. in order to uplift those working and volunteering at parachurch organizations and churches. I also aim to encourage spouses of those working in the nonprofit arena. Of course, it’s not limited – if you find this site helpful, by all means, follow along!

Honestly, I’m not sure where it’s going, but I’m open to wherever God takes it.